But first… Read

Perhaps this is an unfair assumption, but don’t all writers love to read? Be it a newspaper article, a novel, a poem, or some other craft of word, we all share a love of written language.

One of the best practices for a writer, is to read. We can only grow our characters and our stories into something new and inventive if we’ve… I suppose we don’t have to read, but the story certainly shows improvement when we do. Through all my research (another thing writers are somewhat famous for) this is one of the few tips that the majority of successful writers agree upon: reading improves your writing. To further that, they all suggest reading in your genre (both the classics AND the new works).

As a mother, I also choose to encourage this love in my children. Of course, I would like to share a common love, so I tend to read to my kiddos out of the genre I write as well.

So, for that benefit, I thought I’d share with you all my reading recommendations in the multiple age ranges (picture book, children’s chapter books, young adult, and adult).

P.S. to you authors and writers out there, as I said before: read your genre. I’d suggest narrowing it down first the major genre (i.e. science fiction or fantasy) that you prefer to write in. Then narrow that down to what subgenre you are currently writing in (i recommend researching the titles of this through a place like Writer’s Digest), or your stories tend to veer toward (i.e. science fantasy, the new weird, apocalyptic). After that, look for common thread topics you tend to include (i.e. mental health, equality, feminism, male/female romantic relationships, etc.). I can tell you now –if your specifics are anything like mine– you are not going to find a story with all of these qualities in them. You WILL, however, gain yourself a long “next read” list. This, I believe, is a magical thing.


Anyhow, I’m not going to share my books with you today, but stay tuned for those four separate magical lists of books.

These books will be in the genres and topics of my writing style and preference (science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, portal fantasy, apocalyptic, mental health, feminism/STRONG female characters, equality).

I’ll only suggest those that I have read, and then i’ll provide a list of “on my radar” books. These will either be new or (shock) classics that I still have not read. Believe it or not, not all readers were always readers, not all writers are life-long readers, and not all readers can speed read.  You might say i’m playing catch-up, but i’ll fess up to that. I’m happy that I still have the experience of reading these joys ahead of me.

Perhaps you do too.


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