When I’m Not Writing

Before I aspired to write, I thought writing and editing was all that authors did. Now I realize that far less of their time is spent writing than they’d hope. Perhaps that is just me, let me rephrase: Now I realize that most realize have very full lives and most have “day jobs” as well.

I am a lucky little writer: I work in a library. So, when I’m not writing I’m reading, or I’m helping others find worlds to escape to. I spend a lot of time researching which books are popular in different subjects and genres. I mostly work with children, so my research focus on picture books, early chapter books, and young adult novels. I’ve made lists of books I suggest for every genre I could find, and many different subjects. I also spend time with kids every week in program. We talk about books and revel in all of the medias the library has to offer. After all, the library appreciates all arts — not just the art of word.

When I’m not working (here, or there), I’m reading. Just ask my husband, I read a lot. He might say too much, but oh how I love it. So, I say, “NEVER!”

My kiddo and I also have a weekly girls night. She’s five, but man does she love doing pedicures and putting on clay masks. We paint our face green, but our tootsies in hot water and pop in The PrincessBride (or another favorite of ours). Some weeks we change it up and dress up like superheroes and walk around town, or test drive exciting cars.  Mostly we just enjoy each others company.

When I’m lucky enough to have even more free time during the week, I’m likely playing a board game with my brother, mother, sis in law, brother cousin (my nickname for my cousin my mother adopted) and sometimes dad (when he’s off work). Geek games are the best (think less D&D and more ticket to ride/ Catan), but we welcome anything that brings laughter to the table.

Free time on the weekend is devoted to the nuclear family: the hubby, the kiddo, the puppy, and the kitty. We take a lot of walks and play in the back yard. Hubby’ll make dinner and we’ll watch a movie. It’s pretty fantastic.

I also battle depression and anxiety, so sometimes fantastic feels like chaos. I’ve learned to love chaos, though. I have to often remind myself of this (or lather down in essential oil stress relief blends. stupid brain), but there is beauty in the brokenness.

So that’s me, thats Cece.


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