Definition Clarification

Writer vs. Author

Synonyms are words which can be used interchangeably within a sentence. This insinuates that each word has the same meaning. This assumption is false, though. Each word has a history, a background, and a list of tiny clarifications which separate it from its fellow synonyms.

There are many examples of synonyms which can be used the same in a sentence, but also imply small differences. A pair of synonyms which affect me personally when used the same are writer and author.

Writers and authors share common goals: to produce content which one would hope to be read.  The content may vary in both occupations.

For several years now I have considered myself a writer. But to consider myself an author would have felt blasphemous. To me, an author is so much more than a writer. An author has more work on her plate, and rises to the occasion rather than back down from it.

For a long time the difference was simply whether one was published or not. Now i realize the separation to mean so much more. A writer writes. An author writes too– but an author also edits, researches, rewrites, markets, forms contacts, and forms lasting relationships among other writers, publishers, editors, agents, and readers. Being a writer has always been a dream; being a good writer was what I strove for. I realize now that to be an author should be the goal. I also realize that the goal should be author not because an author is published, but because an author holds more integrity and more capability. To write a decent story is good. To demonstrate a story in a way that readers can connect with, that is phenomenal.

It feels so foreign, so wrong, to declare myself an aspiring author. I can say with certainty that I am a writer. Now i strive to author a great work, to change my writing into an authorship you can depend on.

Lets start this journey together.


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