A place where dreams and nightmares coexist, and contort to your liking. Where each path leads to a new town, and each town reveals a different underbelly of magic and legend. What is this land I speak of? FantasyLand.

FantasyLand is a marvelous place to visit, though difficult to reach as it is across an ocean from all other livable countries. Travel, however, is inexpensive and easy to accomplish. A trip to the library or bookstore can provide any person with passport and ticket for travel. Once you have your passport and ticket in hand, find the most comfortable seat available for before departure. Unfortunately, this ride does not provide stewardesses, so you’ll have to provide your own food and drink for the journey.

You’ll find FantasyLand is a bit like New Zealand in climate. Depending on your passport and ticket, a visitor may find themselves in the snowy mountains of the north or the encroaching Jungles of the south. A vast desert lies to the western front, and rolling plains on the eastern side of the island. The center holds FantasyLand’s capital. Each of these lands intertwine and connect with one another via local trade routes. FantasyLand is, mostly, unmodernized and therefore contains few paved roads and highways. Walking and travel by less industrialized methods are far more common in this lustrous country.

As the country lies close to the equator, you’ll find the seasons do not affect the weather to any great degree in FantasyLand. The trees do change color and eventually shed their leaves each year, and some animals go into hibernation, but otherwise seasons should not affect your travel plans. Any time of year is a good time of year to visit FantasyLand.

As a local resident, I find Fall my favorite time of year in this country. The magic is at its thickest this time of year, as the witch gardens are in full bloom and the aether becomes thick with souls. Though each state of my great country holds its merit and possibility for enjoyment, I personally recommend a visit to the borders of our capitol. Here one may walk the perimeter of a civilized area, while experiencing each of the local climates and cultures.

What Not to Miss:

  • On the East Coast:
    • Camelot: Complete with Castle, knights, and a good pint of mead, you’ll miss out if you don’t visit this medieval city.
    • Narnia: this fair state is shaped oddly, and travels between the plains and the mountains while connecting to the coastline, without touching the boarders of the city. If you are creative and careful, you may find a portal or secret passageway connecting you to this state without having to walk the sometimes dangerous path between the city and Narnia’s gates.
    • Middle-Earth: This land is vast, and can hardly be experienced fully in one trip. This land lies closer to the center of the island than Narnia, but also combines both the plains of the east and the mountains of the north.
  • To the North:
    • Mount Olympus: The land of fruit, honey, and power. Not all may climb this mountain, though if you contain the blood necessary you may relish the power given. Some of FantasyLand’s oldest families live here, and they have the best stories to tell.
  • To the West:
    •  Invierne: lying between mostly in the western desert, but including the southernmost mountains of the north, Invierne is a dangerous place to visit. If you travel south, you’ll find a small town in the dessert hosting a band of rebels hoping to destroy Invierne and take back the Joya d’Arena. If you support their cause the rebels will embrace you, but should you choose to visit, be ready to fight and join the cause — you just might die for it. We suggest, if you visit, to do so with the company of a desert guide.
  • To the South:
    • Enchanted Forrest: You’ll find this portion of the jungle, connected to the southernmost border of the plains, to be thick with magic. Many of earth’s legends were born from this land, and have cared their mark in FantasyLand History. There are few places to “visit” in this land, but if you wander its pathways long enough you might run into one of your childhood heroes.
    • Fantasia: Along the Jungles westernmost front, partially including the western deserts, lies Fantasia. This land evolves quickly, and can be dangerous to its visitors. Though this land is enchanting, we encourage only the most experienced of travelers (especially experienced in magic) travel to this land.
  • Along the coast, if you can:
    • Neverland: The mermaids, the pirates, and the lost boys are just a few of the “must-see” people of this land. Once you’ve been here you may find it hard to leave.
  • In the Capitol:
    • New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth: Here science and magic mix, leaving visitors with the impression of what happens when people of different worlds collide. Make sure to visit the local street market while visiting. You can find the best trinkets and gadgets available in Fantasyland here.
    • Howarts: Much like Narnia and Mount Olympus, Hogwarts can be difficult to find and enter. The visitors best bet is to look behind strange doors that feel “too normal” and run at posts. Unfortunately few are willing to risk the pain of failure, so few “muggles” enter this realm.  If you find yourself capable, be sure to watch a game of quidditch — don’t forget to wear your colors and dress warm!
    • launch pad into space/ SciFi Universe
      • At the center of the capitol, you’ll find a launch pad. This is the only place in Fantasy land with a direct route to SciFi Universe. While there are other routes available outside of FantasyLand, many find the passage between these two places an easy transition. While in SciFi Universe, be sure to visit Gallifrey, Ahch-To, and Persephone while in orbit.


As you can see, a one or two book visit simply isn’t long enough to experience everything FantasyLand has to offer a visitor. We encourage tourists to visit an area much like their own current living situation first. Once comfortable with the FantasyLand way of living, return as frequently as possible. Though there is already much to be discovered in this fascinating land, we also encourage the development of uncharted territory. This vast land has much to still be discovered; so, adventurers put on your hats and come explore where dreams and nightmares are born, and magic twists the land beneath your feet.


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