Celebrate 25 with a Giveaway

25 posts have come and gone.

25 times I’ve shared a bit more of my world with you, and gained the opportunity to learn more of you.

25 weeks we’ve been developing this relationship.



It may not seem huge to you, but it sure is to me. That’s also 25 weeks straight of on-time publishing, 25 weeks of editing posts– 25 weeks of putting myself out there.

Its a magical feeling for me, really. I’m flying on a broom stick. I’m conquering diseases. I’m improving my world with nothing but my own mind.

I’m pretty dang excited. So, I thought we should celebrate.



Over the next week I will be hosting games and giveaway opportunities for all of my peoples as a “thank you” for helping me get started. I’ll outline the “rules” of each game as they happen, but I’ll outline them here for you too.

The winner will receive a beautifully hand turned/carved wand, made locally, a brain-shaped cookie cutter, and book of feminist sticky-notes.

Cece Morgenstern Giveaway October 2017

For every game you participate in, a ticket with your name on it will bee added to the raffle basket. Every time you share this article on Facebook or Twitter an additional ticket with your name on it will be added to the raffle basket. Every time you reply to the pinned party post on twitter, tagging me (@CC_Morgenstern) you’ll get another raffle ticket. If the page/posts are shared 100+ plus times, I’ll add on an additional something special.

If you review my website on any social media (be it good or bad, any feedback is appreciated), you’ll get an additional 5 tickets. 3 tickets every time you share (any) post from the website. 2 tickets for every comment on a website post.


Dates, Times, & Games to look forward to:

  • Twitter Kickoff Party: 10/10/17 @ 2p.m. CST (#CeceGiveawayKickoff)
  • Facebook Kickoff Party: 10/10/17 @7p.m. CST
  • Special Topics Discussion:10/12/17 @Noon. CST
  • Halftime Show: 10/14/17 @ 4p.m. CST
  • Writing/My Writing Q & A: 10/16/17 1p.m. CST
  • Closing Time — Last Call: 10/17/17 10p.m. CST
  • Official Winners Announcement: 10/20/17 @5p.m.


Also, check in for possible extra ticket gaining opportunities on FB and Twitter, I may add in other giveaway ticket opportunity for those who check-in!


See you there!

❤ Cece


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