A New Regular, the #CeceShares Critique

We all have our guilty pleasures. I, personally, do not like that term. Why, exactly, am I supposed to feel guilty for finding pleasure in something? Anyhow, I may binge watch Netflix occasionally (okay, every day between dropping off the kiddo at school and heading to work).

The point is, I have come across some truly fantastic television series I want to share with you. I’ve come across some disappointing ones too.

Some were better than the books, some worse. Some I haven’t read the books yet, but now I really want to! Some are completely new and not based on books.

I’ve also been digging deep into new (and old) music, art, and books.

I’m new to the idea of “reviewing”, so I thought instead I’d share. I’ll share my thoughts, my opinions, my disappointments… and my “you must consume this media now” items.

It’ll take me awhile to get enough of them written up, but I genuinely look forward to sharing with you all these lovely pieces of media.

Here are some subjects to look forward to:

  • Super Girl — the television series
  • The 100 — the television series
  • Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir — animated television series
  • The NEW Inspector Gadget — animated television series
  • Rebirth: Wonder Woman — Graphic Novel series
  • The New 52: Wonder Woman — Graphic Novel series
  • The Struts — music group

PLEASE make suggestions if you know a media (music, television, movie, book, etc.) that you think I should consume and word vomit back to you. (gross. I know. I’ll rephrase) critique for sharing.


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