Shelf Space

Love be great or love be small, sometimes we just don’t have the space to invite all of our literature friends to live with us. What do we do then? Well, my friend, we go to the library.

Most of us are lucky enough to live near a library. I suppose some of us are not so lucky. I wish I knew where to direct you unlucky ones, perhaps you would be best off writing letters to your local governments. (If any of you other lovelies have suggestions, please comment them below). Libraries usually fall into one of two categories: classic collection or popular works collection.

A popular works collection does not keep books that are over a certain age, unless they are extremely popular. A Classic collection is more likely to have copies of older “classic” books. Not all popular works libraries will have a copy of Utopia, The Never Ending Story or Taming the Shrew, for instance — they WILL have most of the “best seller” books raved over in the last 5 years, though (such as the latest Dark Artifacts novel or Stephanie Plum book). They will often share a few books that are “timeless” such as Harry Potter and Little House on the Prairie– which are “classic” but still common reads.

Whether or not your closest library is a “popular works library” or a “classic library”, they are (likely) capable of locating the book you need. Many libraries have the capability to Inter-Library Loan any book they do not possess. Basically, these libraries are library patrons of other libraries. They loan the book from another library, then loan it to you. The difficult part in this process is patience.


This is a great tool, for saving shelf space AND pocket money. I often use my local library to test out books before I buy. I tend to reread my books, so its worth a purchase if I truly enjoyed the story. If I can, though (or should I say if Im strong enough not to buy every intriguing book in the book store), I take each book and series for a test drive from the library before purchase.  This helped while deciding which comic series I wanted to read next, and whether it was worth visiting the comic store every two weeks for the new Rebirth edition of Wonder Woman. It helped me decide which book to buy my little girl for her birthday — there were so many options to pick from, and the good ones can be hard to find, so I interlibrary loaned them!

Now, you can pick a couple of books that are your absolute favorites, keep a hard copy of them at home, and save the rest of your space for other essentials. All other reading (and usually all media needs) can be met by the library!

Find your local library here.


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