Geek Gifts

Welcome to shopping season.

Its that time of year when we decide to blow the savings we’ve worked so hard all year to save. Its that time of year when we decide to show others we love them by buying them stuff. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find something they truly love, will use, and appreciate. Sometimes we get them something, anything, that might make them smile. A lot of times we end up giving them something they smile at, then put in the back of the closet and re-gift.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be in the first two of the three options. For the geeks in your life — and mine — I’ve created this list of geek gifts. Use it as a spring board for your own ideas.

“Geeky” Games

Nerdy kitchen utensils, like this Doctor Who cream & sugar set.

Start a Crate Subscription for them.

Nerdy Post crate

Geek Chic Crate

Fandom of the Month crate

Geek at Heart crate

Geek shirts (like this “I Geek, Therefore I am” shirt)

Decor for the home, like this “We do Geek” vinyl wall decal

Anything off a geek list like this. Especially note the Door Chime, Manual, and Costumes!


Video Game Accessories (like this Wii controller that looks like a Super Nintendo controller)

Nerd topic encyclopedias — like this Doctor Who character Encyclopedia

A Season of their favorite TV series (like this Season 1 Start Trek set)

A copy of their favorite nerdy book. Especially a 1st edition, signed copy, or collectors edition — like this collector’s edition of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Any and all Cosplay & costume materials!

Comic Book Storage

Comic Book storage accessories, like sleeves and book boards

There are, of course, MANY acceptable geek gifts. These are just a few to get you started. Happy hunting and happy holidays!


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