The ’17 Steps Behind Me

Its the end of another year, perhaps an era. With each year comes both the good and the bad. I’ve had a lot of both this year.

I’m not sure that every step I’ve taken has been “necessary” for the furtherment of my being –people tend to talk like without one step another wouldn’t have happened. I don’t believe that to be true. All the same, we take each of them. Today I’m going to reflect on 17 of the steps I’ve taken this year. Some steps were purposefully taken and carefully planned. Some steps were impulse leaps of faith. Some steps were taken because they were the only option at the time. One thing is true for all of them, though: I took them. They are a part of who I am now, and I cannot “undo” or “redo” any of them.

What steps have you taken this year?

  1. More Books Read this year than any previous year!
  2. Read an entire comic series!
  3. Read the classics
  4. A Crazy Road Trip
  5. An Unexpected Pregnancy
  6. The Loss of a Child
  7. The Birth of a Website
  8. The Completion of Research
  9. Survived the 1st day of Elementary School
  10. Attended my first Con
  11. “Got my Shit Together” (thanks Sarah Knight)
  12. Planned my first Library Program
  13. Applied for a job with the words “Bachelor’s degree” on my resume *sigh*
  14. Completed a major work assignment, without being asked to
  15. Went Paleo
  16. Held a giveaway!
  17. Regularly created, edited and posted content to this website!



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