Cece Shares about #The100

Quote that matters:

“We’re back, bitches!”


This television show is based on a novel series written by Kass Morgan. Nuclear war destroyed earth more than 100 years ago. As the nuclear missles were being launched, several countries were able to launch escape ships containing the lucky few who were close to the rockets at time of launch. They came together to form one giant ship. According to the scientists aboard, life still isn’t sustainable on earth — but they are running out of resources on the Arc (the name of the large ship). So, they launch 100 souls to the surface of earth and hope for the best.

Why I started watching:

I began watching this series because it fit my typical interests: science mixed with a bit of unknown, post-apocalyptic, etc. It wasn’t love at first episode, but it slowly crept up on me. Next thing I knew season 3 was on, and after that I was sunk.

Why I still watch:

I had a love/hate relationship with season 2. It isn’t my favorite season of the series, but I couldn’t pull my eyes away. I need to know what happened. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to continue with season 3, to be honest.

Please, don’t leave after season 2. The reason I love the series is season 3 and season 4. The first two seasons are relatively similar to the books, but the story line diverges after that. I’ll admit up front, the books have an entirely different feel than the television show. The books series is good, but the television show is addicting. It explores Clarke’s character so much more — all of the supporting characters as well.

Both the television show and the books are gender inclusive and include non hetero sexual orientation story lines. Both explore purpose, capability, and courage. In my opinion though, the television show is the book on steroids. Everything is more condensed and potent. After the season 2 divergent from the original story, the television show explores other possibilities of life on earth after nuclear warfare.  The primality of the characters is heart-wrenching and fiercly true.


Female Empowerment:




Character Development





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