So Cece is the name, and writing is the game.


CC is a pen name, but it was also a childhood nickname. I graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor degree in English — Creative Writing. It was an exciting experience, and I hope to one day continue my education and earn my Masters degree.

My preferred genre is Science Fantasy, but I dabble in other genres as well. I like to include some “real life”, and infrequently discussed, situations in my work. Some of these include feminism, depression, and suicide. Mostly I like to transport the reader from where they sit to a world different from their own they can get lost in.If they learn something or connect with a character during their stay… well, then i’m making the impact on life that I always hoped to.

Outside of “work” (is it really work if you love it?) I have a daytime job at a library. I am also a mother and animal “mom”. I love my three darlings very much. I suppose I feel similar about their dad. 😉

I write. I read. I binge watch TV.
My (red wine) glass is half full –when needed, I’ll bleed to make it so. I think its time the world embraced diversity. I also think its time we stopped judging and start loving.

I’m always searching for the next book to sweep me off my feet. My biggest dream is to combine each of these in novel form, and one day sweep each of you from your grounded, empowered feet into a fantastical dreamland of science-fantasy literature.

I am thus far unpublished, but keep an eye out for my name in the bookstore. I am looking to change this line in my bio soon.
Until then, I’m just a coffee-addicted, lipstick-wearing, reading-obsessed fool!

#ThatsCC #ThatsMe