Oh, all the bloody projects. There are so many, and yet there is so little to tell you.

Where Knowledge Grows & When Stars Fall: a new adult/ya fantasy novel about finding who you are and relentlessly pursuing it, regardless of who others want you to be. The First Book (or is it a prequel, i just cannot decide) surrounds a band of rebels searching for equality in an inescapable monarchy. The second book focuses on a hardened young woman fleeing her past and simultaneously searching for it.

I’m also working on a post-apocalyptic evolutionary tale, of what I imagine life after nuclear war could look like. As groups of people whose ancestors once fled nuclear warfare using different methods try to survive, they find they must learn how to interact with other beings descended from their same species: human.

Adventures with Grandma Willow is a creative nonfiction work I began years ago, in hopes that my dear daughter would know her great grandmother through the art of word. Her life held many great adventures I hope to share with her, and you, via this work.

There are also a couple of creative works on the back burner, including a short story compilation surrounding depression, and a glorified list of amazingly wonderful women I’d put in a “role model” type category.