Step One


You’re powerless

Your lie is unmanageable

You have a problem

Are the problem

12 ounces:

More treasured than gold.

A truck bed, littered

Empty tin cans,

Your paradise

Red and blue dashboard lights


My Feet

My feet have been pretty

In purple patent-leather heels

My feet have dug into

White Caribbean Sands

My feet have walked the same jungle paths

as panthers

       But they’ve never been intertwined with yours

Beneath satin covers.


China Doll

I am no china doll.

I am no person’s property.

I am not to be toyed with,

Or put on display.

My paint is perfection,

But not for your approval.

And though I am precious

I will not easily break.



Beg of his kiss

Shudder his touch

It’s his ring on her finger,

And her heart in his clutch